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Matthew Henry

His Life and Influence

by Allan Harman


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Christian Focus Publications
Published:Spring 2012
A compelling account of the life of a man whose Spiritual devotion was both challenging and inspiring. Reading how much time he devoted to prayer and the study of Scripture from an early age it is difficult to see how he could also minister to his flock and write his many volumes of exposition. Since his own diaries are missing, much of what is known about him comes from the accounts of friends and family members, but Allan Harman has used what material there is to paint a detailed picture of the man and the difficult era in which he lived a time when religion and politics had no dividing line and, for a clergyman, failure to conform could be a treasonable offence. The book is rather oddly arranged, with chapters one to ten forming the biography and then separate chapters on Henry as preacher, commentator and writer which include much that is repeated from the first ten. The meat of the remainder could surely have been interleaved into the biography, leaving the chapter showing his influence on Jonathan Edwards, the Wesleys, Whitfield and Spurgeon as a fitting coda. Despite this I found it an enjoyable and enlightening read and don't hesitate to recommend it.

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Reviewer: Diane Morrison   (14/07/12)
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