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Books Ablaze

And Other Historical Stories You've Got to Hear

by Irene Howat


Publisher:CF4Kids imprint of Christian Focus
This is a book like no other when it comes to talking through history of Christianity with your children. Where most other books for children will focus on bible stories, or alternatively, tales relating to current issues, Books Ablaze, focuses on some of the less well told stories of the history of the Christian church. It does not hold back on some of the more gruesome details, but in a way that excites children’s minds rather than overwhelms them. My daughter has come back to me a week later after reading a story and talked through with me what she would do if the rulers told us we couldn’t be Christians or we would be killed. The book allows children to consider some of the costs and challenges of having a faith and learn about some heroes and villains of history, that they may not have heard about otherwise. A great read, but maybe not just before tucking them in to bed.

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Reviewer: Barry Mason   (03/07/12)
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