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The Envy of Eve

Finding Contentment in a Covetous World

by Melissa B. Kruger


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Christian Focus Publications
Published:Spring 2012
This book examines the sin of covetousness and how it can influence every aspect of our lives. The author uses numerous examples from Scripture to illustrate how covetousness is at the root of what people do, from Judas’ love of money to the sons of Korah’s desire for prestige, and then applies their experiences to our 21st century lives. Starting with Eve, she shows how the pattern of seeing, coveting, taking and hiding is repeated time after time throughout the Bible and can also be reflected in our own experiences.
The author uses anecdotes to illustrate her points and has clearly written mainly for a female readership. That being said, the book would also be useful to a pastor/church leader who wanted to get a better understanding of how women think.
At the end of every chapter there is a series of questions for discussion and personal reflection, so the book could be used in a small group Bible study. However, an individual who wanted to understand better how to identify and tackle their own covetousness in a God-honouring way would find much to help them within its pages.

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Reviewer: Paula Hill   (13/08/12)
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