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Truth Unchanged, Unchanging

by Martyn Lloyd-Jones


Price: £5.99
Publisher:Christian Heritage imprint of Christian Focus
Published:September 2012
This slim book is based on a series of lectures that Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones gave at Wheaton College in 1947. The subject is man, focusing on what is man, what is wrong with man, modern man's thinking and man's need of the gospel.

This book is unusual for Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones in that it is apologetic in character. Although he uses the scriptures, much of his argument is from logic and common sense. He shows that while man looks for solutions to mankind's problems in the future, the true answer is found in the past - at the cross of Christ. This is the unchanging truth that he declares and at the end of every chapter he preaches.

Although written over 60 years ago, the analysis of how modern man thinks is up to date and very relevant for today. This is well worth reading.

Reviewer: Alan Hill   (02/04/13)
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