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I Am My Sisterís Keeper

Reaching Out to Wounded Women

by Denise George


Price: £7.99
Publisher:Christian Focus Publications
The title of the book indicates that the readership is intended exclusively for women. The author, Denise George has written this book as a tool through which God can speak to every woman, and the reader can be encouraged to reach out to hurting sisters seeking solace in friendships in Christ. Denise draws on all sorts of women's stories here, from Biblical examples to modern, hurting women. There are women trapped in unhappy marriages, those who have experienced divorce and need to forgive their ex-spouses. There was one prostitute who wanted more than anything else to be a lady, and gave her life to Jesus when a young man informed her that the Lord could wash away the stains on her soul. There was a chapter on loneliness and another on suicide. These are two taboo and misunderstood subjects which I felt Denise did well to explore, even if I felt the section on loneliness was a little too neat and over-sentimental. Itís worth it for the reader to look at the back, as well Ė there are lots of useful questions and subjects to explore for Bible studies. A great resource for those wishing to show Christ-like compassion for suffering women.

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Reviewer: Alice Collins   (19/09/11)
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