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Planting For the Gospel

A Hands-on Guide to Church Planting

by Graham Beynon


Price: £4.99
Publisher:Christian Focus Publications
Planting for the Gospel is a small introduction to planting a new church. Being an 'introduction' is both it's strength and weakness - it helpfully covers a wide range of relevant topics in an easy to read and follow process, but does not have space to explore the issues and questions that inevitably arise.
The emphasis of this book is about the people and the leader interested in planting for growth - with surprisingly little emphasis on God and prayer, and a definite downer on structures and constitutions (p49/50)!
The theological stable is 'bible-believing, gospel-centred' church life. That said, I was surprised and pleased to read that their are variety of church plants. This is brilliantly illustrated in the second half of this little book, where many stories are told by the people who planted churches, in a wide variety of settings and church backgrounds. I loved the fellowship that started in a farm shop, and the congregation who took a cigarette break half way through the service - thank you, Graham, for collating these inspirational accounts and for producing the guide.

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Reviewer: Jim Currin   (24/05/12)
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