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The Good News Must Go Out

Stories of God at Work in the Central African Republic - Hidden Heroes

by Rebecca Davis


Price: £5.99
Publisher:CF4Kids imprint of Christian Focus
Back in Finland Margaret Nicholl Lairdís mother had wanted to be a missionary. She travelled to America intending to go to Bible college but instead she married and raised a family. As she and her family got older she prayed that one of her children would answer the call in her stead. When Margaret tentatively told her mother what she wanted to to do she expected resistance, instead her mother greeted the news with delight and enthusiasm. After training Margaret was sent out to the Central African Republic and this book is stories of her life out there.
She met and married another missionary and together they brought the word of God to a people who had previously lived as cannibals, and who lived in fear. Her nursing training meant that she was able to help many people, but it was the couples teaching about our Lord which won the love of the people who came to them. Some of these people taught their fellow villagers and so the word spread.
When Mr Laird died, his wife thought that would be an end to her work in Africa but God had other ideas, and back home in America Margaret Nicholl Laird spoke about the work they had been doing and told her listeners that God had laid on her heart the need for a hospital for her beloved people of Ippy.... and the money came rolling in.
This is a book about hardship, about strange people and places, but above all about wonderful faith. Well worth reading.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (30/09/11)
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