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John Calvin: After Darkness Light

Trail Blazers series

by Catherine Mackenzie


Price: £5.99
Publisher:CF4Kids imprint of Christian Focus
Not much is known about the early life of John Calvin, but Catherine Mackenzie has done her research well and has used it to tell the story of the great reformer’s childhood, conversion and subsequent life. She manages to weave in plenty of his own words and in this way also provides a simple introduction to the doctrines of grace, which were fundamental to Calvin’s beliefs and practice. The story also contains plenty of excitement and should engage young readers, so it would provide an excellent introduction to reformed doctrine, which is also summarised at the back of the book using the TULIP acronym. Finally, a series of questions helps the reader to reflect on incidents in Calvin’s life. A good book for a thoughtful reader, which could be given to an adult who wants to find out about what some refer to as “Calvinism”.

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Reviewer: Paula Hill   (16/08/11)
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