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Law And The Bible

Justice, Mercy and Legal Institutions

by Ed. Robert F Cochran Jr. & David VanDrunen


Price: £16.99
Publisher:Apollos imprint of IVP
Published:October 2014
This excellently written book looks at the law that is found in the Bible, and how the Bible can inform our thinking about civil law. 

It is very well researched, with both theological and legal scholars involved in writing each chapter. The book as a whole covers the whole of the Bible, and was an interesting and informative read. 

Owing to the size of the book, it necessarily covers some of the Bible in more detail than others, but overall provides an in depth and comprehensive overview on the law that can be found in the Bible and how this might interact with discussions about and formation of civil law. I found this book to be engaging and educational. 

 With a wide range of authors contributing, some chapters are more captivating than others, as can be expected, but all are well written. I particularly appreciated the contextual nature of it, with the relevant passages found in the Bible being applied to civil law as it is found at present and how the law might need to change to fit more harmoniously with the Bible’s teachings. 

 This book is definitely worth a read.

Reviewer: Tim Hupfield   (19/06/15)
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