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Sex And Money

Empty Pleasures, Satisfying Grace

by Paul David Tripp


Price: £10.99
Publisher:IVP(Inter Varsity Press)
Published:April 2013

This is a book about idolatry. It happens to be a book about sex and money, probably the two greatest idols of our western culture in this generation. Yet it could equally be about alcohol or gaming, investing in your home or addictive gym membership.

At the core of Paul Tripp's argument is that the pursuit of pleasure cannot replace our yearning for God. As the author says: "Don't make the mistake of seeking horizontally what you can find only vertically".

Following an honest assessment of the mess we're in, Tripp embarks on a detailed exploration of our obsession with sex and money. Written in a way that will be, for some, too contemporary in style and directness. Tripp identifies our obsession with self as in direct contradiction with scripture and a clear obstacle in our relationship with God.

Change is possible of course, fuelled by God's inextinguishable grace. Ultimately this is a hopeful book; so much has gone wrong, yet it can still all come right again.

What this book needs is a complementary course that can equip church leaders to use Tripp's material as a basis for group work. I can even see it as the basis for marriage preparation or, taking a different approach, in school.

Yes it's tough stuff and Tripp has no problem with difficult questions. But you only have to go out on a weekend evening—or get honest answers from teenagers as to how they spend their time online—to see the need to address the issues he raises.

Reviewer: David Ford   (10/03/14)
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