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True Feelings

Perspectives on Emotions in Christian Life and Ministry

Edited by Michael P Jensen


Price: £14.99
Publisher:Apollos imprint of IVP
Published:September 2012
The idea behind this work is most interesting. It seems that most of the faculty of Moore College School of Theology plus one or two other contributors, addressed a single topic - emotions and their application in particular fields – and produced this symposium. As might be anticipated, the results are mixed, but on the whole, well worth reading. The contribution on a "cultural overview of the emotions’" most helpfully sets the scene, and at one point looks at the great Augustine’s views on the subject, which could well open up new areas of enquiry for the reader. This 'symposium' as a whole, helps to bring emotions back from the fringe of theological discussion more towards, if not the centre, then at least the middle ground.

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Reviewer: Ian Gibbs   (17/12/12)
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