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The Perfect Saviour

Key themes in Hebrews

by Jonathan Griffiths (Ed)


Price: £8.99
Publisher:IVP(Inter Varsity Press)
Published:15 June 2012
This volume of eight essays on themes in the book of Hebrews is brought together with the express intent of making valuable New Testament scholarship accessible to the preacher and pastor who might not otherwise readily find useful and needed comment and research on a variety of key issues in the church today. This introduction to Hebrews covers the new covenant; the word of God; suffering; the tabernacle; perfection; access and arrival; Christ's priesthood; and warning and assurance. On the whole, the collection is indeed accessible, with some essays more so than others. But with a bit of time and careful thought, all are invaluable to the pastor and preacher attempting to understand the book of Hebrews for teaching and discipleship purposes. Of significant value are the essays on warning and assurance by Schreiner, Winter’s essay on suffering, and the slightly more academic essay on perfection from Peterson, all of which tackle relevant topics for Christian life in twenty-first century Western culture. This is a valuable book which deserves high readership among pastors and lay alike – thoroughly recommended.

Reviewer: Tim Goodall   (16/11/12)
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