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If God, Then What?

Wondering Aloud About Truth, Origins and Redemption

by Andrew Wilson


Price: £8.99
Publisher:IVP(Inter Varsity Press)
Published:March 2012
At last apologetics that are fresh, dynamic & faithful! It wonderfully grabs and connects with truth that isn't dull, imagination that's not fluffy and reason without argument. Too often what is labelled `Christian apologetics' comes across as boring, and settles in the dust of weak philosophy, daft lines of thought or pseudo-scientific argument. The ground covered in this is ontologically rich around the existence of God and the explicitly Christian claims about sin and death, resurrection and life. There is a light touch, strong insight and much good humour to help everything settle with a security and assurance palpable in this search of God and His character.
There is a energetic creativity that enhances and enlivens orthodox Christianity in a pacey conversational way. The nine core chapters engage with truth and direction powerfully and yet with unassuming grace. People are tired of an arrogant swagger whether from fundamentalists, new atheists or bigots. Here we are offered kindly-spoken evidence and a plausible interpretation of that evidence. Then it is left to us.
As a friend of mine said after reading a few chapters; ‘This book will not argue the sceptical reader into the faith, but they will not be able to dismiss Christians as mindless dogmatists afterwards!’ Christians will enjoy reading this because it will help them to see some things in a new light, and because it will help equip them for those God conversations with sceptics. Open-minded, accessible and all-around brilliant!

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Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (28/08/12)
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