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A Meal With Jesus

Discovering Grace, Community and Mission Around the Table

by Tim Chester


Price: £8.99
Publisher:IVP(Inter Varsity Press)
Published:October 2011
The book looks at the importance that meals had in the life of the Lord Jesus. Taking as his starting point our Lord’s words that ‘The Son of Man came eating and drinking’, the author goes through the Gospel of Luke looking at all the passages relating to sharing food together.
One of the conclusions that Mr. Chester draws out is that meals are a good place for evangelism. Reaching out can simply start by asking your neighbours or work colleagues round for a meal or a cup of coffee. Eating together can provide one of the best ways to create an opportunity to share the Gospel.
Unsurprisingly the book does not talk about other forms of evangelism such as Sunday School, door to door visitation and open air preaching so this is not the complete story. Also not everyone will agree with his apparent view that communion can be celebrated whenever Christians get together for a meal.
However this does not detract from the overall helpfulness of this work. The last chapter is the best. Here he emphasises that Christ is known through his word as well as around the table. This is a refreshing book that will challenge and inspire.

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Reviewer: Alan Hill   (26/11/11)
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