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A Call to Spiritual Reformation

Priorities from Paul and His Prayers

by D.A.Carson


Price: £12.99
Publisher:IVP(Inter Varsity Press)
This newly-formatted reprint of an old classic is, as ever, a pleasure to read. If you are looking for an in-depth study on prayer rooted in Scripture, this is a good place to start. Carson treats eight of Paulís prayers, each in separate chapters, interspersed with other chapters on topics such as praying for others, excuses for not praying and prayers to a God who is sovereign.
I particularly like the fact that Carson includes the full text of the prayer at the start of the chapter, thus avoiding the need to hold open the relevant Bible page at the same time as holding his book open to the right page. The questions for review and reflection which close each chapter are also a good touch: they encourage deliberate thought by the reader on what has been read.
However, the greatest strength of this book has to be that the majority of these chapters are rooted in actual Scriptural examples of prayer. Too often the prayers which we may hear from other believers and which we may pray ourselves are not founded in Biblical priorities or steeped in Biblical ways of thinking. Yet Carson offers us the remedy: an apprenticeship in prayer with the Apostle Paul. If you have never spent long in the prayers of Paul, then buy this book and let Carson teach you of these riches.

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Reviewer: Chloe Lynch   (03/01/12)
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