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Christian Apologetics

A Comprehensive Case for Biblical Faith

by Douglas Groothuis


Price: £24.99
Publisher:IVP(Inter Varsity Press)
Published:16 September 2011
For anyone who has undertaken a course in theology (or science) at any British university in the past fifty years, reading this book will come as a very great shock. Although the author is well-acquainted with contemporary scholarship, he refers to books, writers and arguments only to dismiss them. Little or nothing from these sources seems to have had any significant influence on Groothuis’s own thinking, including modern evolutionary science. What the sub-title of this book really means is: a comprehensive case for a very conservative understanding of Christian theology.
Dr Groothuis is professor of philosophy at Denver Seminary in the United States. It is probably fair to say, therefore, that he represents the more conservative American evangelical position. He treats familiar apologetic themes – the question of truth in religion, arguments for the existence of God, Christian anthropology, the claims of Jesus, key Christian doctrines, the problem of evil, religious pluralism and the challenge of Islam. There is even an appendix defending one understanding of hell as eternal punishment for those who do not believe. Once you have accepted a few basic premises everything is argued cogently, economically and with clarity – and put me in mind of the style of writing of C.S.Lewis. The book is, as the sub-title promises, comprehensive and runs to some 676 pages. If you are a conservative evangelical and want a scholarly account of your position, or if you are not and want to know what Christians of this persuasion really do believe, this will be a useful addition to your library.

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Reviewer: Alan Billings   (22/02/12)
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