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The Undistracted Widow

Living For God After Losing Your Husband

by Carol W. Cornish


Price: £8.99
Publisher:IVP(Inter Varsity Press)
Published:September 2010
Carol was married to Roland for 38 years; he died just 11 months after being diagnosed with lung cancer.
Written from the heart, this book is intended to help Christian readers to see God at work in the midst of mourning. It certainly points to comfort and hope, but I feel that anyone recently bereaved would not have the attention span to read such a ‘meaty tome’, and those feeling angry with God or who are wallowing in self-pity might be made to feel inadequate and guilty for not putting their trust in Him.
However there is much in the book which I found helpful – particularly the well-chosen excerpts from the book of Psalms, the examples of biblical widows, and a chapter on ‘stretching forward’. The Appendix 1 ‘How to help a widow’ has sound practical advice.
This is, in my view, a book to read before widowhood strikes. Maybe it could be stocked in your church library as it would help congregations in dealing with the bereaved, be they widows or widowers.

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Reviewer: Margaret Walker   (14/07/11)
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