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What Did You Expect?

Reclaiming the Realities of Marriage

by Paul David Tripp


Price: £9.99
Publisher:IVP(Inter Varsity Press)
Published:18 June 2010
Tripp’s book is obviously designed to help those who are struggling in their marriages, but the foundations and practical applications are exactly what’s needed for every season of marriage. As the man himself writes, this book is “a detailed description of the daily work of love that must be done with commitment and joy when a flawed person is married to a flawed person and they are living in a fallen world.” That covers everyone in every situation this side of eternity.
The book begins with some key principals that underpin the rest of the work, namely the problem of selfishness, the focus on day by day small decisions/actions that lead to the big crises of life, and most importantly the realistic hopefulness that comes from the Gospel. After these foundations come six commitments, each of which receive multiple chapters. Each chapter features the story of a couple in crisis, how they got there and then Tripp offers the solution that is drawn from the application of the commitment, those being drawn from the foundational principals, which in turn are all drawn from the Gospel. This is the reason that I give absolute, unabashed recommendation for this book. Tripp doesn’t lead his readers down some self-seeking inwardly-fixated therapy session. He is not prone to the modern tendency to blame one’s parents, environment or breakfast. Instead, he calls sin for what it is, points to Jesus as the only way to deal with sin and then models that same forgiveness in marriage. One of Tripp’s vital themes is the healing that comes when we align our lives with God's Kingdom.
You see and feel the heart and pulse of a pastor on every page! Possibly in the top four marriage books of all time! Written with intensity, passion, skill and biblical verve. Top drawer meaty stuff!

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Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (21/04/11)
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