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Keeping Godís Earth

The Global Environment in Biblical Perspectives

edited by Noah J Toly and Daniel I Block


Price: £16.99
Publisher:IVP(Inter Varsity Press)
Published:16 July 2010
On reflection Keeping Godís Earth reminds me of the motto held by the London School of Theology when it was London Bible College ĎTo explain something simply you must understand it profoundly.í
This series of twelve essays, each written by a different scholar, unpacks the sum of the environmental issues currently affecting life on our planet. The essays are presented in pairs, the first introducing an issue such as climate change, the effect of cities on our environment or the responsibility of human beings to conserve and husband the earthís resources. The second offering a theological response to the current crisis, or potential future, anchored in an evangelical reading of the Bible.
Each of the six essays that introduce a current environmental challenge offers an insight to the complexity of the issue facing scientists and conservationists. However while the questions they raise are complex in nature they each present the detail of the issue in a language that is easy to understand and absorb. This means the reader is able to grasp the arguments relating to subjects as diverse as the distribution of the earthís water supplies to how diversity of plant and wildlife might be preserved with ease. Likewise the theological reflection offered in response to each issue raised is not only creative and insightful but also easy to read and understand. This book is a superb introduction to many of the ecological challenges facing the earth in the twenty first century. It also provides an excellent basis from which Christians can begin to reflect theologically on how they might respond to some of the current environmental crisis facing our planet. I cannot commend this book highly enough.

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Reviewer: Steve Langford   (29/11/11)
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