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Id Like to Believe, But

by Michael Green & Nick Spencer


Price: £5.99
Publisher:IVP(Inter Varsity Press)
Originally published in 2005 and reviewed in 2006.
We all ask difficult questions of the church from time to time, especially in times of great stress or misfortune, or a national disaster, or when challenged. Michael Green attempts to answer these questions frankly and focuses on one real question I would love to believe but.In an age where spirituality ranges from the tabloid horoscope to a deep love of the contemplative, this little book looks deeper into the answers to the questions and tries to provide the best way of looking for them. This is not to provide a glib, ready made sound bite, but an honest and sensible source of guidance for those who have to give the answers to others questions; some good examples of questions and some really good answers.

Reviewer: Ian Gibson   (19/01/06)
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