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40 Days to renew Your Mind, Transform Your Life

by Phil Green


Price: £5.99
Publisher:Scripture Union (SU)
Published:Spring 2012
Each day starts with a short Bible reading, followed by a short explanation/thoughts on the reading, a prayer, something to ponder on, a chat (which encourages a conversation with a friend or stranger about part of your life). Then there is something to write or do, (I now have sticky notes in lots of strange places!) ending with an action, which even reading it gives something else to ponder on! Each evening there is another Bible reading followed by a prayer and something else to ponder on.
After each 5 days there is a further page of five short readings each with a more personal question. These pages could be used as a group session or individually.
The book can be used at any time of the year, as a group study, for a particular special session, for example Lent or Advent, or for individual use.
It is thought provoking, and when used with the ‘write’ and ‘action’ items it aims to assist in improving the way we live our Christian lives. I found the book to be inspiring and encouraging. Some of the daily challenges seemed a little daunting in the morning, however by evening I normally found I had completed them!

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Reviewer: Sue Jones   (02/10/12)
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