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Mosaic – God Is Good

For Small Groups of Children With a Wide Age Range


Stapled A4 Paperback.
Price: £11.99
Publisher:Scripture Union (SU)
Published:Spring 2012
12 Bible based sessions plus a bonus all age service. For small groups of children with a wide age range.
As the book states ‘It is hard now for Churches to compete with all the opportunities and activities that fill the 21st century child’s life.’ A flexible printed product which enables you to choose suitable activities for use across the age ranges.
This book is linked with the LightLive website, which provides extra activities for the different age groups. There are 3 series which each have 4 sessions, David, Jesus and the early Church.
Each of the sessions is clearly laid out with a preparation section, which states the materials needed, (which is minimal and which most groups would already have), what needs to be photocopied, the optional materials which seem to be resources that need to be bought, for example the SU Timeline, however this is used in most of the sessions, so optional items may be worth the effort and expense.
The sessions include, prayer, thinking and games, activities can be selected to suit your group, not losing the overall theme of the session. (Unfortunately no songs or music suggestions are included).
The sessions are easy to follow with minimal preparation, I would read the session, decide which activities to use, collect the materials, re-read and go!

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Reviewer: Sue Jones   (02/10/12)

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