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All-Age Lectionary Services Year C

by Scripture Union


Imitation Leather
Price: £19.99
Publisher:Scripture Union (SU)
Published:01 May 2012
Having just conducted a service in which the use of the Bible Retelling activity by a member of the congregation was greatly appreciated by all, I was delighted to receive the Year C book to review.
If I wasn’t already a user of the series, the Bible Retelling for Advent Sunday would have made me one. Not only do I know how I’m going to use it within the service, I also know two perfect candidates for Gladriel and Rebus, who will make this story ‘live’ for those attending.
We adapt the material as necessary, sometimes using most elements from the material, sometimes using only one or two, but every time we have been able to find material for our monthly service (still called ‘Family Service’) which excites and enthuses those of us who prepare the services.
Another valuable resource, with further resources available online

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Reviewer: Pam Sanders   (26/06/12)

Reader review: - Melanie Carroll, TGBS Reviewer. 12.10.12

Not a new book, this is a fully revised and retitled edition of Light For The Lectionary 2009/2010, however it is now, just as it was then, an excellent Year C Lectionary resource with fully comprehensive all-age worship plans and outlines. Each section has a Bible Foundations Section that gives a brief but very clear synopsis and overview of the readings and their import to the service. Then you get into the service detail, including the pre-work you’ll need to do such as making items to be used in the bible talk or prayer activity. Then a section on the bible talk; on the readings; on the prayers, that lays out and actions the service for you.
If you are a busy minister or organiser of all-age worship then this book really will be a gem to have on the shelf as it has done all the hard work of preparing the detail of services for you.

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