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Using Sport to Share the Gospel Message With Young People

by Various Contributors


Stapled A4 Paperback.
Price: £11.99
Publisher:Scripture Union (SU)
Published:Spring 2012
Youth for Christ, Scripture Union and Urban Saints have brought each of their relevant expertise and experience together to produce this amazing resource. Initially with the London 2012 Games in mind, but adaptable to many subsequent sports tournaments in coming years, this resource has taken 10 Olympic/Paralympic events and created interactive lesson plans around each. Each discipline has complete delivery plans for both 11-14s and 14-18s age groups and builds within the lesson an aspect of Christianity alongside the sporting activity.
These lessons could be delivered within a school term over 10 weeks, as stand alone lessons or within a high activity week. They could be taught within P.E., P.S.H.E. or even assemblies. This is a great opportunity to see a genuine cross-curriculum resource be used as a way of school pupils understanding who Jesus is and what that means to them within a curriculum based setting.

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Reviewer: Barry Mason   (11/06/12)
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