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Top Tips - On Worshipping with under-5s

Practical Pointers for Anyone Working with Children

by Alison Dayer


Stapled A5 Pbk.
Price: £3.50
Publisher:Scripture Union (SU)
Published:November 2011
This is a short guide (only 30 pages) making it an ideal book to buy if you were thinking of starting a regular worship session for under 5s. This handy little book could be quickly read and digested by your team.
This book will help you work through the whole process of planning a regular under 5s worship slot. It includes thinking about your venue, the music you will use, the time you have and how to structure it, how to do the Bible story and how to pray.
For leaders who donít manage to read the whole 30 pages there is a single page at the back containing ten Top Tips.
It is all useful and sensible advice, especially good if you are new to working with this age group. If you are a seasoned professional then you might not learn anything new but it is always useful to be reminded of the ground rules. It is easy when working with this age group to spend too long, use complicated language and try too many new things!
One thing missing from this book is the parents. Under 5s tend to be accompanied by a parent or carer to any worship session they might attend. Parents will be joining in with worshipping with their children. This book seems to forget about the parents Ė make sure you donít!

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Reviewer: Kathy Bland   (06/02/12)
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