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Top Tips: On Working With Lads

Practical Pointers for Anyone Working with Children and Young People

by Richard Witham & Maggie Barfield


Stapled booklet
Price: £3.50
Publisher:Scripture Union (SU)
Published:11 November 2011
Another excellent little resource from the Top Tips series produced by Scripture Union.
Slim, easy to follow, practical, concise and invaluable to any church group that wants to include and encourage young lads in their groups – something that is a real challenge these days. Including as it does twenty-five really short but totally key and practical insights into working with lads, a chapter that addresses the gender differences amongst other things and a lads ministry evaluation tool that really asks some key questions, make this is a fantastic little book indeed. Essential for all children’s and youth ministries, even if, - no, especially if - you haven’t got many lads or male leaders! And given how short it is and how little it costs there is no excuse for not having a copy of this invaluable little guide.

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (24/01/12)
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