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Mallenford Mysteries

by Kathy Lee


Price: £4.99
Publisher:Scripture Union (SU)
Published:September 2011
Paulís mum and dad have parted and his mum has gone off to America with her best friendís husband. His dad and the best friend, Rushani, become close and they marry. Rushani with her three children move in with Paulís family. Seven people squashed into a small house while the extension is being built Ė not an easy situation for any of them! Paul has to share a bedroom with his newly acquired brother Danny and it is here that the adventure begins. Danny is keen on astronomy, watching the stars at night as often as he can. This particular night he had wanted to watch for a meteor storm at 2am but his mother had forbidden it. Paul, woken by Dannyís snores decides to look out of the window to see if there is anything going on Ė and has the surprise of his life.
Convinced that something is happening on the nearby moorland they go exploring........
This is a story of two families becoming one, of trouble at school, and what is it that is happening on the moor?

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (02/12/11)
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