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Runaway Train

Mallenford Mysteries

by Kathy Lee


Price: £4.99
Publisher:Scripture Union (SU)
Published:16 February 2011
Luke has a problem that he canít talk about with anybody for fear of sounding selfish, but it does get him down at times. His Dad has left home to live with a new partner leaving his Mum to cope with a very ill daughter and Luke. Amy has cancer and so needs a lot of his Mumís attention and he does understand, but just sometimes he longs for his needs to come first, for his Mum to give him her full attention.
When the opportunity comes for Amy to have potentially life saving treatment in America, Luke goes to stay at the home of his new friend Dylan who is in the care of foster parents June and Vince, an older Christian couple who do all they can to make both boys feel at home.
Dylan seems obsessed with ghost hunting and spends time on the internet looking for Ďfactsí and locations to explore. Luke is not sure about this at all but gets drawn into several adventures culminating in a really serious one and the solution to the puzzle of the ghost train so many people have heard and been frightened by.
Kathy Lee cleverly brings into her stories many ethical issues which youngsters need to think about while creating a very enjoyable tale.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (24/01/12)
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