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The Day Jesus Died

by Dick Bradnum


Price: £7.99(plus P&P)
Dick Bradnum traces the events of Good Friday from the point when Jesus was led to crucifixion to the moment of his death. He does so from the point of view of a bystander - imagining himself there in heart and mind. Chapters are short and episodic, concentrating on the people involved - Simon of Cyrene and the Scribes, High Priests and Leaders of the people, for example or on situations Darkness over the whole land and the Superscription. One suspects that the material presented in the book comes from sermons and meditations - it reads that way - and it is none the worse for that! But it does sound better "aloud" - as if it is to be heard by the ears rather than read by the eyes. I can see many people finding this little book a most helpful travelling companion in Holy Week: it is short enough even to be read just on Good Friday itself. Strongly commended.

Reviewer: Nick Horton   (12/11/12)

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