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A Risk Worth Taking - Exploring the Fundamentals of Faith

A Course that is Challenging and Relevant to Contemporary Life and Experience

by John Cox


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Kevin Mayhew Publishers
Published:10 October 2007
In this book John Cox explains the fundamentals of faith by means of a course that is both challenging and relevant to contemporary life and experience. He examines the perennial question posed by all who believe in a good God - how can we continue to have faith in a loving God in a world full of misery and pain? The ‘risk’ of the title is in exploring unexpected territories and asking searching questions, but it is A Risk Worth Taking. The course is divided into eight sections and is primarily for group work, each section examining a different aspect of human experience and how faith and experience interact. It is a book also for private study and is essential reading for all those who find their doubts are a stumbling block to complete faith in a loving and caring God.

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Reviewer: John Irvine   (26/06/12)
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