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A Child Sees God

Children Talk About Bible Stories

by Howard Worsley


Price: £14.99
Publisher:Jessica Kingsley Publishers from Gardners Books
Published:15 April 2009
Ever wondered what your child or children are thinking about when you read the bible together? Well, if you are looking for a book that illustrates the freshness with which children can still respond to the Bible, and its relevance to life today, then A Child Sees God by Rev Dr Howard Worsley, is that kind of training manual. Although the introduction appears quite academic, the following chapters seek to examine several different Bible passages, within clearly defined thematic titles. As selected parents and children discussed the stories together, their conversations and experiences have been recorded and then Howard Worsley has added a relevant comment relating to their discussions. It certainly provided an interesting insight into how children, of varying ages, still respond to the Bible.

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Reviewer: Wendy Downey   (23/08/10)
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