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Through the Pilgrim Door

Pioneering a Fresh Expression of Church

by Michael Volland


Price: £7.99
Publisher:Xlibris distributed by Gardners
This is a page turner about a new 'fresh expression of church'. Telling the story as it is still unfolding; Michael Volland is a young family man and newly ordained priest appointed to start a new congregation linked to Gloucester Cathedral. It is well told, illuminating, and entertaining in parts. You certainly get a feel for the people and the fledgling project, together with some exploration of the issues faced. Although autobiographical this is not self conscious. The Cathedral Dean says it is a 'privilege' to have Michael on the staff team, while Michael says a Cathedral has a lot to offer the Fresh expressions movement. Here is mutual respect at its best, with risks being taken on all sides, and an outcome developing naturally which must be a joy to see. Anyone can read this and gain insights from the story.

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Reviewer: Jim Currin   (08/03/10)
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