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Punk Monk

New Monasticism and the Ancient Art of Breathing

by Andy Freeman & Pete Greig


Price: £6.99
Publisher:Survivor from David Cook
Published:Autumn 2009
This book covers the development and thoughts behind the world wide 24-7 prayer movement, including its blend of the earliest forms of monasticism - the Desert Fathers and the Celtic Church - with 21st century life, including Punks!

24-7 as a prayer movement, like monasticism, involves round the clock prayer. Members have formed themselves into cells, but not in enclosed communities, but in unlikely places engaging with the world. As one prays, one 'breathes in' and makes contact with God to centre and then 'breath out' and engage with the needs of the world.

A new way of being Church, and good to hear of a positive and dynamic side to Christian life.

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Reviewer: Carole Burrows   (14/11/09)
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