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A Faithful Guide To Philosophy

A Christian Introduction To The Love Of Wisdom

by Peter S Williams


Price: £13.99
Publisher:Paternoster Press imprint of Authentic Media
Published:June 2013

‘A Faithful Guide to Philosophy' attempts to be an introduction to philosophy particularly focusing on those areas which are most important and applicable to the Christian faith. I found this to be an excellent book; it is wide ranging and the author's style and writing skill make even complicated philosophical arguments clear and understandable.

The book is split into four parts:

Part 1: An introduction to philosophy and logic which discusses what philosophy is and explains the features of good and bad arguments.

Part 2: This chapter describes in detail different philosophical arguments for the existence of God.

Part 3: A discussion about the philosophy of mind, about consciousness and free will.

Part 4: This begins with a discussion of aesthetics and objective beauty and moves on to exploring the relationship between science and theology and then ‘the problem of evil'.

As well as the thorough and excellent content this book is has an enormous number of suggestions for further reading/exploration—not just other books and papers but also written material and audio and video clips that can be found online; these can be found throughout each chapter as well as (different suggestions) at the end of each chapter. Each chapter contains a few questions for thought, discussion and exploration also.

Whether as an individual or group read or for use in a study group this book is a fantastic read. The lack of assumption of background knowledge makes it accessible to all and I highly recommend it.

Reviewer: Tim Hupfield   (25/07/14)
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