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The Tortoise Usually Wins

Biblical Reflections On Quiet Leadership for Reluctant Leaders

by Brian Harris


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Paternoster Press imprint of Authentic Media
Published:April 2013
The Tortoise Usually Wins is a brilliantly insightful but challenging read. A book reflecting on quiet leadership for reluctant leaders is of course bound to be challenging to those reluctant leaders, but this book challenges on more than that front. It's challenging because despite its light hearted title it is an academic book at heart - not the heaviest admittedly but you will find jargon and an assumption of a certain level of knowledge within it. That said it tries to mitigate this by providing brief overview summaries of the theological and ethical stances used, and diagrams, charts, tables, interviews and reflection questions are also an attempt to make this an accessible tool for those in quiet (situational) leadership and on the whole
it succeeds.

At heart it's a practical book designed for those coming to leadership, there are Biblical reflections throughout the book, however I'm not sure that I'd really say that they were the main focus of the book, so much as the catalyst or insight used for those looking to develop and be developed, and a framework to hang the practical work on and in this respect it works. So do you as the reader and the developing leader, but then maybe that's exactly as it should be, after all if you weren't plodding away and working at it then you'd likely be the hare instead of the tortoise, and as the book's titles points out... "the tortoise usually wins".

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (21/05/13)
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