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C S Lewis vs The New Atheists

by Peter S Williams


Price: £12.99
Publisher:Paternoster Press imprint of Authentic Media
Published:February 2013
An absolute must of a book for any fan of Lewis or for people who want to grapple with 'New Atheists' and their arguments against our mere Christianity! Honestly if you had ever wondered how Lewis would these days approach and deal with the new atheist arguments then here you will find your answer.

Given C S Lewis came initially from an atheistic position to one of faith and then spent so many years as a keen apologist of the faith, it is obvious that his works are well suited as a base to help in dismantling atheist arguments and building up a framework of arguments for the faith. Peter Williams does an excellent job of setting forth the new atheist arguments and positions with good outlines of Grayling, Dawkins, Hitchens et al positions and then in turn digging down into Lewis' own work and arguments to proffer forward strong rebuttals and strategies of discourse. The book is itself a beautifully strong apologist work with no little reference to academic knowledge and measures (indeed each section has an end reference that is almost encyclopaedic in its scope and coverage) but over all the book retains a style that is easy to read and for this reader thoroughly enjoyable.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (20/02/13)
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