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Multi-Voiced Church

by Stuart & Sian Murray Williams


Price: £12.99
Publisher:Authentic Media
Published:June 2012
Multi-Voiced Church, a church in which many are active participants and responsibility is not just the domain of the vicar, minister or pastor but something that is shared amongst the church community. Yes it sounds very fresh expressions, but it's older than that, it's biblically based, 1 Corinthians ch14, in the first place but as the book wonderfully demonstrates it's also been active throughout history in a number of ways, and our modern meeting of it through Messy Church and other such demonstrations of it are but the newest examples.
The authors are from a Baptist background but this book can easily bridge denominational boundaries and certainly offer some insight to any one, be they clergy or lay, into how a community can work together - and given the way in which some denominations and geographic areas are having to spread the leadership out across a wider patch this book can help offer a positive way in which all bases are covered and the churches maintained and even grown.
A wonderful blending of preparation and discussion paper alongside teaching guide to some extent and is certainly worth consideration to anyone interested in looking at ways of enlivening a church and including people in the activity and government of their church, of rebuilding an active and participatory church community.

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (14/07/12)
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