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From the Future

Getting to Grips with Pannenberg's Thought

by John McClean


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Paternoster Press imprint of Authentic Media
Published:April 2013
John McClean has done every student of Pannenberg a great service in writing this thoughtful and engaging book on the theology of Wolfhart Pannenberg. He readily admits that Pennenberg's project is vast and complex, and seeks to give a general introduction to his thought, before tackling the major doctrines that make Pannenberg a unique and important theologian. As would be expected when reading an introduction to a major twentieth century theologian, McClean's book only begins to tackle the various aspects of Pannenberg's thought. But he does so in a clear and readable style, which is highly commendable considering the difficulty faced by many attempting getting to grips with Pannenberg. From the Future should be the first place to start when starting to explore Pannenberg - it provides the perfect survey of his work for any potential student and a well-reasoned argument for his importance for the wider Christian world.

Reviewer: Tim Goodall   (18/09/13)
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