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The Good God

Enjoying Father, Son & Spirit

by Michael Reeves


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Paternoster Press imprint of Authentic Media
Published:April 2012
All of us are called to share and show Jesus to others; whatever else we may do we are God's ambassadors. A vital question, then, is which God do we present?
Mike Reeves introduces the reader to a loving, giving, overflowing, relational God. With a light and accessible touch, Mike shares a profound taster of just how good God is. Some books on the Trinity can come across as a technical manual of heresies to avoid with little pulsing heart:- thankfully The Good God is not such a book.
Energy, heart, insight and biblical faithfulness is brought to us by someone who clearly loves God and whose theology reads and beats as worship. Mike deconstructs falsehood, fears and fallacies in the nurture of gospel confidence for us. He wrestles with long-held myths about the Trinity, its interface with the moving compassion of the gospel, and resulting deep joy for the believer. In reading this you will find your view of God enlarged and beautified.
Mike’s biblical rootedness throughout doesn’t come across as defensive, but stirs the reader to a renewed Bible commitment. It's a dynamic and punchy title: singularly the best accessible read on the Trinity in the marketplace today! Faithful and fresh!

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Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (04/05/12)
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