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Working Faith

Faith-Based Organisations and Urban Social Justice

by Paul Cloke, Justin Beaumont & Andrew Williams


Price: £15.99
Publisher:Authentic Media
Published:March 2013
Working Faith is a book that I would recommend to anyone with an interest in pioneer ministry or fresh expressions, let alone those that are out there working in the areas of social or urban justice. This book is a real look at how we work on the edges not just here in the UK but also across Europe, and as such it helps both identify differences and commonalities that can be utilised in organisations, teams and individuals that engage with the margins; that work with the homeless, the addicted, the lonely and the injured.

I was surprised if I am honest by how engaging a read the book was - I expected it to be dry and feel like a dissertation paper, but it's not. It's rooted in a concept that endeavours to engage and as such that comes through - don't get me wrong there are sections that are clearly more academic in tone, but even then they convey insight to those working in the urban arena of social justice.

A very good book and certainly one for those active in engaging with the margins of our society and trying to really build and work on the foundations of the 'big society' in reality and not just politically.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (09/10/13)
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