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The Recovery of Love

Walking the way to wholeness

by Naomi Starkey


Price: £6.99
Publisher:BRF (Bible Reading Fellowship)
Published:November 2012
Naomi Starkey, commissioning editor for BRF and well known for her contribution to Bible reading notes, has, in this new book, pursued a daring journey. She invites the reader to travel with her in search of God and his embracing love.

If you are 'new' to the faith, or are the sort of person who wants to know the times and route of a journey before setting off then maybe you should stick to Naomi's Bible notes.

However, if you are excited by the prospect of a Mystery Trip, then delve into this unusual book, It is not an 'easy read' and you may well find yourself having to re-read some chapters. You will certainly have to stretch both your mind and your imagination.

There are echoes of Pilgrim's Progress here with the use of storytelling, taking the reader into a mysterious house of many rooms, where questioning minds will be opened and you will be urged to be open to his presence in whatever unexpected time or place it is revealed.

The Recovery of Love is a highly original book to be recommended to those who are eager for a mental and spiritual workout, which hopefully will reap the benefits of a closer walk with God into the way of wholeness.

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Reviewer: Margaret Walker   (13/02/13)
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