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Who Let the Dads Out?

Challenging and Inspiring Ideas for Dads and Their Pre-school Children

by Mark Chester


Price: £6.99
Publisher:Barnabas imprint of BRF
Published:03 March 2012
I have been a member of an established (non-church) dads group for several years. Recently my role has changed to that of group leader, albeit with much support. With this in mind, I was asked to review this book by the TGBS Editor, a member of a local church.
I found this book to be well written, in a thoughtful style that was neither condescending nor excessively deep. The author’s ideas and experiences are conveyed clearly, with several points of discussion along the way. There are differing approaches to dealing with the various age ranges, which I found interesting.
Numerous, clearly defined measures are suggested for group organisers to follow. Some are rather obvious but many others are less so. There were many simple, practical steps suggested, particularly regarding how to make new dads feel at ease. From my own experience of various parent/toddler groups, this is easily overlooked for men. Even we can feel shy sometimes!
Although the book is written from the church’s viewpoint, it highlights issues that are common to any parent group, male or female. This includes the stigma that can be attached to joining a group that is perceived as being run by ‘do-gooders’.
This was a well informed read, as a Stay-at-home-dad and group leader myself I can safely say the author knows his stuff.

Review by Tim Gluyas, Leominster

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Reviewer: Guest reviewer   (24/08/12)
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