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Lord...Help My Unbelief

Considering the Case Against Christ

by John Young


Price: £9.99
Publisher:BRF (Bible Reading Fellowship)
John Young who these days does much work with York Courses, has produced an interesting book of ‘issues’ for the Christian doubter. They are allocated across six ‘parts’ ranging from ‘Questions mainly about church and society’ through to ‘Prove it! Does God exist?’ Each of these parts contains subsections – some are additional questions whilst others are further areas of investigation. All add their weight to his ‘evidence’. It is a well organised comprehensive book of 292 pages. It’s a shame that there is no index at the end to allow the reader to easily locate items of evidence. It’s also regrettable that there aren’t clear suggestions for further reading as the space available for each issue is limited.
How well does it do what it says, helps our unbelief? As a broad brush attempt to confront the major issues that can lurk at the root of an individual’s doubts, it is a valiant effort. Whether or not you find it helpful will depend on how you like your questions answered, and that’s a very personal thing. We all come to faith by a different route. If you are worried by doubt or are unable to come to a decision, then please try this book, there is much to commend it. But if you don’t find it satisfying, please don’t give up or assume every answer is here.

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Reviewer: Paul Scott   (10/09/12)
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