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Side by Side With God - In Everyday Life

Helping Children to Grow With God at All Times

by Yvonne Morris


Price: £7.99
Publisher:Barnabas imprint of BRF
Published:August 2011
Everything has its time and there is a time for everything, but in our fast moving, ever changing society too often family time is pressured and cultivating a time to get alongside our children and a good book is squeezed out, let alone time to talk through some of those existential questions!
This book offers a helpful rhythm to sharing and unpacking bible stories with children in the home. Arranged thematically based on Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8, each section starts with the bible to set the scene; leads onto ‘wondering questions’; encourages conversation; identifies further ‘bible links’ before ‘capturing the question’ we might want to ask God; a further story enables us to ‘dig deeper’ before we ‘chat with God’.
This is not a book that gives a neatly packaged interpretation or message; it is a gem that will stimulate thought, engage with uncertainties and provide a safe place to explore new understandings as parents nurture their child’s developing spirituality. Make time to journey closer to God side by side with your children.

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Reviewer: Siân Hancock   (05/10/11)
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