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The Adventure Cruise Midweek and Holiday Club Programme

: A Ready to Roll Five-day Holiday Club or 12-week Midweek Club

by John Hardwick


Price: £11.99
Publisher:Barnabas imprint of BRF
Published:November 2013

John Hardwick has years of experience in children's ministry and consequently this latest Midweek and Holiday Club Programme The Adventure Cruise is packed full of great ideas to engage children from 5 to11and help them to discover how they too can get on board with Jesus. The cruise takes the children on a voyage of discovery on the High C's (pun intended) of choice, courage, call, change, commitment and challenge.

The material has been designed to be used in a traditional holiday club week or in a longer series in a midweek club setting by dividing each of the sessions into two. The ingredients include songs and accompanying actions, opening talks, theme illustrations and challenges, a serial drama based around the Watt family, craft and games suggestions, puppet sketches, quiz questions, Bible story narrations, fun sheets, time fillers and prayer ideas. In addition there are useful templates for publicity, and administration items for your club, such as badges, invitation cards, registration forms and so on. The material in the book may be further enhanced by buying a CD containing songs and the drama sketches as well as online resources such as songs with accompanying actions on YouTube. There is a such a variety of ideas to choose from to bring each session alive and get the message across most effectively that much planning remains to be done by the local team. John is keen to emphasize the need to plan your own programme from his resources, in order to make the material best fit the children and the situation in which you are working.

The book begins with some helpful sections on setting up a club for those new to this kind of enterprise and is a good checklist for more seasoned leaders. This material includes how to stay within the law whether on DBS checks, OFSTED requirements or photocopy licences, as well as safety issues such as fire exits and First Aiders.

A huge amount of work and skill has gone into this production. The punchy message comes across with a light touch through humour and lots of varied age-appropriate activities. Children and leaders will have a memorable time enjoying it together and the fruit will be seen in individual lives for months and years to come.

Reviewer: Chris Leach   (05/02/15)
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