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The Story of REinspired

Developing Creative Partnerships Between Churches and Schools

by David Skinner, Paul Haynes and Jane Earl


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Barnabas imprint of BRF
Published:18 February 2011
Taking the key principles in developing a purposeful relationship between the local church and local schools, this book offers experienced insight to inspire more creative approaches to engaging with schools and resourcing RE sessions. The first part takes measurable steps to focus on getting started from a realistic starting point, remaining open to what the working relationship brings forth as respect deepens and partnership emerges. Having that understanding in place, the second part looks at how to apply it to the activities with children; it includes an appendix of session ideas and helpfully addresses some of the challenges that are always present when working with children. Most chapters conclude with reflective questions to prompt the reader to think further and consider these issues in the context of their own setting. Throughout the book the story of the original group of churches that became REinspired helps remind readers that this is tried and tested, whilst encouraging other churches to take positive steps to begin the journey for themselves.

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Reviewer: Siân Hancock   (16/08/11)
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