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Journalling The Bible

40 Writing Exercises

by Corin Child


Price: £7.99
Publisher:BRF (Bible Reading Fellowship)
Published:July 2014

A thoroughly wonderful take, or so it seems to me, on Lectio Divina for the writing community and journallers.

This book has 40 really good 'writing exercises' that are both bible study, contemplation material and yet are also a brilliant study in the exercise of creative and Journal-istic writing.

Yes this book is designed to be used by an individual but it would make the most excellent basis for a spiritual writing group, indeed at the beginning of the book there is a short couple of pages given to this idea and suggestions on how to go about setting up such a writers/journalling group, something I think would be well worth doing for any church or perhaps for a small group to try as something a little different.

Also included in the opening section is a template for how a journal page could be set out, however it isn't overly prescriptive, merely a suggestion for those that may want the help of something a little more organised than free flowing words on a page.

Each of the 40 exercises follow the same format of Read, Consider, Write, Share, Go Further... with a few having an extra final section that is a note on the passage - normally where perhaps a little clarification is needed or where an alternative insight can be seen. The material is easy in style and there is nothing arduous at all about the book or sections, but there is nontheless real spiritual and creative meat on the bones as it were.

A really different and welcome book that is sure to appeal to many and is well worth considering for anyone looking for a fresh approach to bible study or wanting to do more writing and journalling.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (30/07/14)
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