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Celebrating Festivals

Readings, Reflections, Crafts and Prayer Activities for 20 Major Church Festivals

by Sally Welch


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Barnabas imprint of BRF
Published:September 2014

Sally Welch outlines Bible readings, reflections for leaders, a Bible story with ‘I wonder...’ questions, prayer, activities and craft ideas including sweet and savoury recipes in this book for those encouraging children to celebrate the festivals. She covers the major festivals—Christmas, Easter and Harvest but broadens the book by including less familiar occasions such as Petertide, St Michael and All Angels, and Remembrance. 

In addition, for those working within a traditional church building, Sally links each festival to a part of the building. This is not an essential however, and the ideas could be used in a variety of situations from midweek clubs, Sunday children’s ministry to Messy Church events.

There is a wealth of ideas and extremely detailed instructions for the craft and cooking activities, including help to find less common ingredients and clear instructions with regard to safety issues when using knives, cocktail sticks etc. when younger children are present. None of the recipes require cooking during the actual session which is very helpful.

The inside covers at the front and back of the book have small pictures of the finished products and helpfully larger versions of these pictures are available on the website.

By contrast much depends on the ability of the local leaders to bring the stories, prayer activities and teaching to life as these are outlined in much less detail. I wonder if without this expertise children will be in danger of knowing and experiencing more about craft activities and church architecture than they do about the God to whom we are seeking to introduce them.

Reviewer: Christine Leach   (26/11/14)

The book has its own website >>

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