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Core Skills

Developing and Extending Key Skills for Children’s Ministry

by the Consultative Group on Ministry Among Children


A4 Paperback
Price: £12.99
Publisher:BRF (Bible Reading Fellowship)
Published:22 September 2006
A comprehensive curriculum for training and equipping children's workers, I can imagine this making a significant impact in churches of all denominations up and down the country. This is an extremely user-friendly course guide (web based support for group leaders is available), which would be especially rich if used in an ecumenical context, where different ideas and approaches can be explored. Dealing with six key areas: child development, leadership skills, programme planning, children and community, pastoral awareness and spirituality and the Bible, this course will empower and encourage children's workers whatever their level (or length!) of experience. Sessions are interactive and thought provoking, with plenty of opportunity for group work as well as personal reflection. Go to for more information.
Includes Photocopy Permission

Reviewer: Samantha Luscombe   (27/03/07)
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