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From the Ground Up

Understanding the Spiritual World of the Child

by Kathryn Copsey


Price: £7.00
Publisher:Barnabas imprint of BRF
Published:20 May 2005
This accessible book will be an inspiration to all who work with children. It starts with the child and the nature of children’s spirituality, what it means to be made in God’s image; moving on to child development and the innate ‘hungers’ (developmental needs) that emerge; followed by the impact life experience and world view can have upon spirituality. The biblical reflections on children show how Jesus demonstrated upside-down values, the importance of a child-centered approach and how that can ‘repair damaged spirituality’. Copsey concludes setting this within the urban context and shares some stories of children met through the work of CURBs which helps the reader visualize what this looks like in practice.
Raising the profile of children’s work, Copsey advocates the need for a child-centered attitude - prayer support, home group focus on understanding children (how Jesus saw children); she challenges others to consider have you ever thought… Why kids can’t sit still in church? Why it’s important to address a child by their name? Reminding Christian communities that in welcoming a child you welcome Jesus and challenging them to become more family aware as a church – get to know your families.

Out of print at BRF but still available from CURBS at £7 plus p&p, details on their site. Editor

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Reviewer: Siân Hancock   (10/03/11)
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